Privacy and Security (Version 1.0, Effective date: March 10, 2016)

Privacy and Security:

Freefolk makes all efforts to ensure that the details provided by its members are correct. Both the phone number and the email address are verified separately. The users are also required to upload a valid identity proof on the website before they join or create a trip. Freeflok also encourages its members to link their social profiles with their Freefolk account to increase authenticity.

Confidentiality and Use of Information

All the details provided by Freefolk members are strictly confidential.
The details provided (email address, phone no. and identity proof) are not displayed anywhere on the website. However we encourage you to share your contact information for verification purposes.
If you have chosen the option of displaying your email and/or phone no. to members of the community, they can contact you only after you have joined a trip. In case you don't want to display either/both of your contact information, you can always communicate through the internal message service. Freefolk provides you a highly secure internal messaging service through which you can send or receive messages with other travelers.
The data we collect and share depends on your user settings and the actions that you take on our website.
Freefolk does not sell your personal information however we do use certain information such as your searches on our website, your location to provide you more relevant and useful information about the journeys taken by various users and upcoming journeys as well.
We do not share information with any advertisers, promoters or publishers in a way that personally identifies you.