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Frequently Asked Questions:

What is Freefolk?
Freefolk is a platform for passionate travelers, to connect with people having common interests and share trips with them. Geographically, Freefolk is a village in Hampshire, England but the emotional connect here is of like-minded "Freefolk" unbound to explore this beautiful planet together.

Why should you use Freefolk?

Ever planned a trip and not found people who share the same passion & enthusiasm for the unexplored destinations or backpacking or a spontaneous trip, Freefolk helps you connect. Also, traveling together is economic.
Meeting new people who share the same passion and interests as you is an added bonus.

Does Freefolk organize any tour packages?

No, we don't organize any type of tour packages. Instead we provide a platform for you to create a travel plan of your own.

How is Freefolk different from structured tour packages?

Freefolk lets you collaborate and plan your travel as per your choice, a liberty structured tour packages don't seem to offer. Freefolk doesn't support any commercial activity among the groups formed and promotes a culture of transparency and enjoyable travel experience.

Do you provide any portal through which we can safely pool in money?

No, Freefolk does not provide any portal or service to pool money for your travel.

How do I join a trip?

You can browse various trips created by Freefolk members by simply clicking the Join a trip tab at the top of the screen and join the trip that excites you the most.

How do I create a trip?

You can create a trip by clicking the Create a trip tab and filling out the basic information about the trip.

How can I interact with other travelers?

You can Message other travelers, enquire and ask questions about the trip they have created. Email address and Phone numbers (on your consent) are shared with other members of the group once you have joined a trip.

Will you share my information with other members of the community?

Your personal information will not be accessible through Freefolk.
However, once you join a trip, your email address and phone no. will be shared with the trip organizer so that they can contact you. You can disable the option of sharing your phone no. with the trip organizer in the settings section anytime you want.

How do I trust the people I plan my trip with?

All the members of the community are verified via email and phone number and the verified batches are visible across a person's profile. The users are also asked to upload their valid identity proof. You can also visit the facebook profile of the users who have linked their social pages on the website.

How do I keep my account safe?

Do not share your username, password, security question or any other security related information with anybody, even a member of Freefolk team without any proper identity confirmation.

What kind of information do you receive?

We receive profile information like name, age, mobile number and email id. Apart from that we receive device information, location and search history within our website to provide better usage and better search results. We also receive the metadata and tagging information from the content you publish on the internet. We may also receive information like length of your sessions, user patterns and how you interact with the website. In case you link your account with social networks like Facebook and twitter, we may collect the public information provided by the social networks.